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<<<< <      We have established this web site to find solution for the SSPE patients and awaiting a full support from our visitors about the items stated herewith : We would like to thank in advance those who are willing to help us. Looking forward to find a solution for the disease SSPE (subacute sclerozing panencephalitis- Measles virus) Looking forward to meet and contact the SSPE patients. Out of any infected patients from other countries ; is there anyone recovered ? Are there any alternate cures ? If yes , what kind of treatments are experienced ( plants) You , the ones who would like to get or give information about SSPE and support our services ; please contact us . Looking forward to find Pharmaceutical companies , doctors, volunteers for the cure of SSPE , please contact us. We shall be happy if you share your information about SSPE with us . In case , you have any infected relatives around , please let him to be registered to us and then we may inform him about the newly developments in this matter . -  >  >>>>
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CONSTIPATION:  Constipation and the gaseous intestines are commonly seen problems.
We recommend mallow and daisy flower tea for this.

MUCUS :  Very important problem. If not solved , it can be taken out by vacuum . The plants like mallow , sesami oil ,flax seed may help to throw out the mucus but the other way is to lay him down  face downwards and hit the back by inside hand that helps the  mucus to be thrown out.

FEVER : We again refer to our former experiences . To compress the body with warm or cold water .Measure the fever frequently but dont panic. Fever shows that the battle with the illness continues and also helps antioxidation until the upper level 38 , the more may be dangerous .

SWALLOWING  DIFFICULTIES :  If manages to chew  , give him a chewing gum and control if he swallows or not .Nipples and feeding-bottles ( if the child uses) enables continuity of the swallowing.

CRY: Try to find the reason of the cry ( he might piss or have intestinal problems etc..) find a way to settle him down .Any pain is harmful for the parents but you may think and thank that you may not hear any voice  months by months as well . Beyond this , crying can positively be evaluated because of motivating the nervous system .

PERSPIRATION : Especially on the head and around there can be perspirations . Reason is the over electricity loading.You may keep the patient comfortable by short hair and  drying the wet area . We may also take this perspiration positively unless it is under considerable level .

CREAKING THE TEETH : It happens due to over electricity discharging . The only thing to do is preventing it by the materials sold in the pharmacies for this matter .

CONTRACTIONS : RIVOTRIL  and LIORESAL .These medicines are useful for the patients who can no more walk and having heavy contractions to relax the muscles. They are sold against green prescriptions . As the doses are  arranged according to the contraction level of the child ,the doctors advise the parents as follows; the maximum dose per day is a drop .(or pill). The level of the contractions may increase this dose . You may find the correct dose by trying . The overdose may counter indication of sleeping , then you decrease the dose. ( If the parents have difficulties in arranging the doses , by taking the child to the doctor  frequently, you may let the doctor to do so on your behalf .

a) Fever sourced by our disease :

The upper level of the temperature of this fever is 38 . This is a defense reaction of the body against the disease . We shall face this fever all along the illness . Not necessary to panic however necessary to measure it frequently . At this moment ,  temperature decreasing medicines are used . Continiously apply wet compress on the armpits and legs .

b) Fever by joining of infection SSPE disease :

The temperature mostly goes up to 40-41. Without wasting time, it is necessary to go to the doctor .By capturing the infection , the correct treatment has to be made to kill the microbe immediately . This can be done by antibiotics. The more decrease in the immune system of the child may kill him.Therefore antibiotics by  injection  is suggested. During these period, to cover up the loss of weight , you may feed the child by supplementary food  eg. MILUPA .
Gaining weight is a great factor in eliminating the infection and also in SSPE resistance .
(Together with the infection, the contractions and crisis increase)

          a)Apply the head , the armpits and the legs with pieces of cotton or fabric wet with vinegar  and change it often.

          b) Warm bath

          c) If measurement is over 38,5 , time to apply a doctor because if not joined another infection , the contractions and crisis may go up. The first thing to do is to know about the infection and start to antibiotic cure by injection . ( dont waste time by syrup or pill)


We have to keep the inside mouth very clean as much as possible. The teeth must be brushed 2-3 times a day. It has to be cleaned with carbohydrated water for disinfection. Especially if you brush the upper white part of the tounge ,it helps to impulse the nerves at that area which may enable him to use his toungue later on.

Massage :  Hold his neck with your thumb and forefinger.Press the veins next to his throat and pull him upwards. This may relax him. At the same time , this will stimulate the muscles there and improves the swallowing . The difficulties in eating and swallowing may dissapear . Do it before each meal . You will see the difference by the time goes on.

Mucus : It is very helpful to use lemon drops . As it falls onto the mucus , the acid inside will split the mucus . He sometimes swallows or throws it out. The important thing  is to get  rid of the mucus.
Mallow , linden , water ,honey mixture is essential . This tea also pulls up the mucus by coughing .

Massage :In both cases ,when the child coughs ,take him in sitting position to upwards, from his front and from his back  towards the sides of his breast  hit him by your inside hand like a triangular shape by keeping some air in between. There shall be voice pat pat like you are hitting a carpet . With this treatment , you may pull out the mucus in his body . This treatment is essential . Because the mucus in his breast  covers the lungs and prevents him breathing , stuffs the heart . This trouble has to be solved . This massage can be applied  2-3-4 times a day  by 20-25 times hitting the front and 20-25 times hitting the back of the child.

CREAKING THE TEETH :  Sourced by discharging of over electricity . Insufficient dose of Rivotril causes it. It happens when he is disappointed especially when changing its place while sleeping etc…The teeth materials from the pharmacies may help this problem .

During the day, keep his feet in the water 5-10 minutes. Warm water in winter and cold water in summer relaxes him very much. .You can add  2 drops of daisy flower or lavender oil into the water . Daily bath if possible is also good.

In summer time , make a hole on the ground , pure some water in it and put his feet into this pool. This will also relax him by taking his energy out.

You can also discharge his energy by wrapping copper wire on his wrist  and digging the other edge of the wire into the ground.

Due to unmovable situation of our children ,the energy flow becomes high. Physiotherapy also helps the contractions and teeth creaks.


Very important vital point .The loss of this capability means the death of our children. This capability is the one which the brain forgets  at the last . We must not let the children to forget this duty . You have to tell them about it. Motivate his brain by saying him that  ; It is very necessary to do it , he can do it, you trust him, as he is very important for you , he must never forget to do it  if he loves you and so on  . In other words , condition and teach him by saying  that he has to eat and  swallow, to beat the illness ,and he can do it etc…

First stimulate the tongue by pressing the spoon on it , then give his food. Before every feeding spoon , make the stimulation with another spoon.

Before feeding, stimulate the tounge with a wet brush by brushing the teeth , teeth muscles , tounge and say him that he is going to eat .Dont forget that these children can hear and understand you but not respond.

If he does not open his mouth ; stimulate his mouth by making massage on his lips, chin bones and neck with your thumb and forefinger. Cook what he likes and eats easily .

If he looses weight due to the swallowing difficulty , without wasting time give him the baby food of Milupa . If you perform what we advise and  feed him with the baby food, as he regains the weight and his immune system becomes more regular ,this problem will be over.
Even he may eat more solid food later on. However , if he looses weight and not eating the baby food as well , you may supply him with  the catheter for feeding . As these are very hard to live , keep in mind that most of the families experienced these facts . All these become over even how hard they are. The human being can manage everything if he remains determined.
Pray the god. God is the one forgiving us , seeing, hearing us. What he wants happens. He has mercy towards us . He is our helper. The end of the patience is the peace . Hope these terrible days will end ,,,,,,,,the god will save our children.

You are not alone in the world, these pains are not only in your home , we were one once , then became ten ,hundred, and thousands.Lets come all together and be more powerful and create chance for our children.




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