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<<<< <      We have established this web site to find solution for the SSPE patients and awaiting a full support from our visitors about the items stated herewith : We would like to thank in advance those who are willing to help us. Looking forward to find a solution for the disease SSPE (subacute sclerozing panencephalitis- Measles virus) Looking forward to meet and contact the SSPE patients. Out of any infected patients from other countries ; is there anyone recovered ? Are there any alternate cures ? If yes , what kind of treatments are experienced ( plants) You , the ones who would like to get or give information about SSPE and support our services ; please contact us . Looking forward to find Pharmaceutical companies , doctors, volunteers for the cure of SSPE , please contact us. We shall be happy if you share your information about SSPE with us . In case , you have any infected relatives around , please let him to be registered to us and then we may inform him about the newly developments in this matter . -  >  >>>>
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Our prior mission is ; to research the disease of sspe , to find its cure , to supply the medicine production by figuring out the sspe patients worldwide , to enlighten the public correctly about sspe , to provide the sspe patients and their relatives with the necessary developments in social wise and with self sufficiency.

1) To make improving workshops for the families having psychological depressions caused by sspe .
2) 99% of our public have extremely wrong and insufficient information about sspe . Without any discrimination , to enlighten all types of our people with the correct information.
3) To bring the activities into a larger platform by creating projects and by participating the researches in the country and world wide.
4) To help the parents having sspe patients by preventing them to isolate themselves at home but protect their social life by organising some activities .
5) To contact the national and international civil organisms and make common work.
6) To train volunteers who may instruct and enlighten the people under the risk of
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis
7) For the poor families having Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis child ; to grant educational opportunities for those who have been hardly accepted in to the special education centres .
8) To try to develop a public opinion about sspe by making common work with the written, voiced and visual media corporations under the legal frame.
9) To be able to have an informational exchange with the families and the other parts of the public , to prepare some works such as questionnaires about the subject .
10) To implement all of the activities without being contrary to the constitutional principals and damaging the public orientation.
11) To provide the civil associations with the correct information by participating the local and international organisations subject to sspe being convenient with the laws.
12) To motivate the persons and the units in Turkey who may research the disease by supporting them financially and staff wise ( to establish a chair)
13) To prepare a data base by determining and recording the sspe patients both in Turkey and world wide.
14) To supply a special hospital for the
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis sspe patients to be established , and /or sspe units and special physiotherapy centres in the other big hospitals .
15) To enable the local social security members ( Bagkur- SSK- Em. Sandıgı-green card holders) to obtain the medicines which can not be bought due to the bureaucracy by free of charge either from the normal pharmacies or from the centres announced by the ministry
16) We would like to work with the friends who will support us and show the utmost sacrify . Because our goal is to find a solution fou our disease and we have established this association with the voluteer friends and believe that , we shall find a way with the mercy of god. Lets just believe and start to work with mutual trust without being hopeless .




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